"JavaScript Rebuses" (34 Keywords - 25 Rebuses) eBook

Kirill Inoz
17 ratings

Learn about all kinds of keywords in JavaScript by solving fun rebuses!

Learn and have Fun!

About the book:

In this eBook you'll additionally find an explanation and a code example to each keyword as well as a solution after each rebus.

As you can see, not every keyword has a rebus. These keywords are grouped together with the ones that have rebuses either because they're closely related or they're easier to understand when explained directly after each other.

If you want to read this book with two pages side by side, you can do it! The book format supports this style of reading without any spoilers (just check that you've got the right version).

The table of contents is placed at the end of the book, so you won't see all the answers to the rebuses at once before solving them. It's the same reason why I won't display the table of contents here.

For whom is the book:

This eBook is suitable for JavaScript beginners as well as people more experienced with JavaScript. The first can learn about the keywords, the second can revise them or even learn about some they didn't know existed.

But most importantly, everyone can have fun solving the puzzles.

What others say about the book:

It is hard to find a way to learn JavaScript in a fun and entertaining way. However, Kirill easily solved this problem by creating a "JavaScript Rebuses" book. So, you will be able to learn syntax just by solving rebuses and reading code snippets at the end of each rebus. It's extremely interesting, go ahead and grab it!

— Eugene Zolotarenko (@eugZolotarenko)

If you're looking for a book to learn JavaScript Keywords, check out Kirill's JavaScript Rebuses. The book is very well-written, and I highly recommend picking up this book to level up your JavaScript skills.

— Suhail Kakar (@SuhailKakar)

Which version to pick:

There's no difference between the two versions, content wise. It's all about the way you want to read the book.

Version 1 (V1) can be read either in:

  • Single Page view


  • Double Page view (but the cover as single page)

Version 2 (V2) can be read either in:

  • Single Page view


  • Double Page view (next to the cover is another page)

  • "JavaScript Rebuses" (34 Keywords - 25 Rebuses) eBook

  • Pages (V1)
  • Pages (V2)
  • Format
  • "JavaScript Rebuses" (34 Keywords - 25 Rebuses) eBook
  • Pages (V1)70
  • Pages (V2)69
  • FormatPDF


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"JavaScript Rebuses" (34 Keywords - 25 Rebuses) eBook

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